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General Dentistry

Maintaining a healthy smile goes beyond just looking good – it’s about your overall well-being. At Ridgetop Dental, we believe that routine dental care is the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Our experts provide dental services to help you maintain a healthy smile.

Family Dentistry: Personalized Care for the Whole Family

We understand the importance of a family-friendly dental environment. We have designed our office to cater to patients of all ages, and we warmly welcome young patients.

Our staff educates children on the significance of dental care. This ensures that they maintain good oral health for their entire lives. We have flexible hours so your whole family can get care in one place easily.

Dental Fillings: Restoring Strength and Protecting Your Teeth

Dental fillings can strengthen and protect weakened teeth from cracks, chips, cavities, and other damage or decay. Our conservative approach aims to preserve the natural tooth, ensuring that it can last for many more years. Experience the benefits of dental fillings in maintaining a healthy smile.

Gum Disease: Prevent, Treat, and Protect Your Gums

Gum disease affects a significant portion of adults and is a leading cause of tooth loss. At our practice, we focus on healthy gums and give individualized care for your specific risk factors. During regular dental check-ups, we examine for gum disease and offer treatments to prevent and treat it. This helps in maintaining the health of your gums.

Gum Contouring: Enhance Your Smile with Precision

Reshaping your gums can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of your smile. With our advanced laser dentistry techniques, we can precisely adjust the gumline, exposing more or less of your teeth. This minimally invasive procedure can address concerns such as gum recession and improve your overall dental health. Don’t let receding gums affect your smile – seek gum contouring treatment today.

These denture implants are ideal for patients missing all or most of their teeth or those requiring extensive extractions. Even patients currently wearing dentures can opt for implant-supported dentures to enjoy a more comfortable and lifelike solution.

Dental Sedation: Relax and Receive the Care You Need

We understand that some patients may experience fear or anxiety when it comes to dental procedures. That’s why we offer dental sedation options to help you achieve maximum relaxation during your treatment. Our team will ensure your comfort during your dental visit. We understand that some individuals may have a sensitive gag reflex, low pain tolerance, or anxiety.

Emergency Dentistry: Prompt Care When You Need It Most

We can assist with dental emergencies, offering diagnosis and treatment for all types of simple or complex emergencies. With our flexible office hours and an on-call dentist, you can count on us to be there when you need immediate dental care. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a dental emergency in Northern VA – we’re here to help.

Root Canal Therapy: Preserving Your Natural Teeth

When a tooth is severely damaged or diseased, a root canal can be a life-saving treatment. If necessary, our team will recommend root canal therapy. This treatment can alleviate tooth pain caused by infections and preserve your natural teeth. Experience the relief and long-term benefits of root canal therapy.

Single-Visit Crown: Convenient and Efficient Dental Restorations

With our state-of-the-art technology, we offer the convenience of single-visit crowns. Say goodbye to the hassle of temporary crowns and multiple appointments. We can make your crown in one visit, ensuring it fits perfectly and lasts a long time, using our own resources.

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